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The JRES Real Estate News Library enables you to perform quick and easy research of Denver real estate and market trends. We’ve been compiling articles researched for the Real Estate Perspective newsletter in this searchable library since 2001. Use this resource to quickly find information about a property, a location, a market or a topic such as affordable housing or the industrial market in a segment of the Denver metro area.

Whether you’re looking for information about a commercial or residential opportunity, need to analyze a market or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, use our search tool to access a wealth of recent events, market trends and history provided by neighborhood newspapers, regional publications and on-line resources.

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Every business day, we review all Denver metro area wide and local neighborhood newspapers, trade journals, government websites, blogs and other data sources for commercial and residential real estate and economic news. We condense these news items into concise, easy to read summaries that provide all the essential facts for our Real Estate Perspective newsletter. We store all these articles in the online Real Estate News Library, providing you a comprehensive resource to make reliable and profitable market analysis decisions.

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