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December 30, 2020

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Effective, Contextual Planning using the FTA TOD Pilot Program
Thursday, January 14, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM MST
This free webinar goes inside three transit projects – from Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis – that used FTA transit-oriented development (TOD) planning grants to advance local goals for land use change, (re)development, multi-modalism, public engagement, and placemaking. The speakers will discuss the grant-funded planning processes, describing how federal dollars were used to advance not only local city- and community-building initiatives but also the transit projects themselves.


Metropolis: A History of the City, Humankind’s Greatest Invention

by Ben Wilson (Doubleday, $32.50)

Ben Wilson’s ode to urban life across the ages might feel curiously timed, said Eben Shapiro in . As a virus that originated in a fast-growing metropolis of 11 million continues to ravage the world, “crowded cities can seem dangerous, even life-threatening. ”But if history is any guide, “counting cities out is a sucker’s game. (The Week)


The Global Real Estate Project is an undertaking of the Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business, and directed by Dr. Mark Lee Levine, Professor and Endowed Chair. Our goal is to provide students, investors, and the general public with the tools they need including free tax and real estate tips to research real estate opportunities both domestic and abroad.

For information on Free Tax and Real Estate Tips, see the following Levine link, which will also connect you with the Global information.

Denver Architecture Foundation Audio Tours

The DAF’s Audio Tours feature 24 historic sites, that take listeners on a journey through Denver’s past while connecting to present and future. Over a century of Denver’s architectural and cultural history is explored in just a few hours. Audio Tours can be explored on location or remotely. The journeys are in walking or biking distance from one another and are concentrated in downtown Denver and Civic Center.



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