Real Estate Perspective

August 16, 2017

Welcome to Real Estate Perspective in a new more user-friendly format. We hope that you have found REP a useful source of information about real estate and the economy in the Denver metro area. In addition to the searchable database of articles available at:

The new format of our email newsletters now allows flexible viewing on mobile devices with small screens.

Many subscribers have expressed appreciation for the JRES newsletters. We hope they have served the commercial and residential real estate communities as well as they have provided us enhanced economic and market information for our real estate consulting and appraisal practice.

As suggested by some, with the enhanced format we will begin shortly to ask for financial compensation to offset the costs of preparation of the newsletters and database. We will continue to provide limited market information to all subscribers and ask for compensation for in-depth market information and analysis. Subscriptions and sponsorships will continue to be provided without charge to recent clients of JRES, sponsors of newsletters, and selected non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in sponsorship, contact Bill James at or 303-316-6768.


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