Right-of-way valuation, or corridor appraisal, requires unique methodologies, skills and corridor factor data rarely found among Colorado appraisal firms.  Coridor appraisal methodologies used inlcude across-the-fence and corridor factor analysis.  Selecting and utilizing the appropriate methodology given the appraisal problem at hand is of the utmost importance.  Equally important is the ability to review appraisals and analyze methodologies used by others and provide consulting and advisory services backed up by credible expert witness testimony when the need arises.
If you are in need of right-of-way appraisal or consulting services, James Real Estate Services (JRES) is the experienced partner you should rely on for comprehensive real estate decision support. We have over 20 years experience appraising special purpose properties including corridors and rights of way, and providing litigation support for a multitude of client types.

Our team of experts can:
  • Value individual properties or consult on appraising right of ways and corridors
  • Consult and advise regarding identification of larger parcel for eminent domain appraisal
  • Select appropriate valuation methodology be it across the fence or corridor factor analysis 
  • Conduct due diligence into property specific physical, legal and governmental constraints
  • Evaluate property value trends over historical time periods 
  • Review appraisal reports and provide expert witness testimony



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